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All-On-4 vs. Dentures

Smiling dental patient sitting in dental chairSomeone looking to restore their smile explores multiple dental restoration options. Patients with extensive tooth loss often evaluate the pros and cons of All-On-4 dental implants versus traditional dentures. Understanding the key differences between these two options is crucial to make an informed decision about which solution aligns with an individual patient's needs.


All-On-4 dental implants were developed to address the limitations of traditional dentures. It is an implant anchored set of prosthetic teeth anchored into four strategically placed dental implants in each arch. The implants provide stability and support. This prevents the common issues of removable dentures, such as slipping, discomfort, and difficulty eating or speaking.

The primary advantage of All-On-4 implants is their ability to mimic the function and appearance of natural teeth. The implants integrate with the jawbone. This promotes bone health and prevents the deterioration that occurs with multiple missing teeth. The stability of implant supported dentures allows for a more comfortable and confident experience. Wearers can eat and speak without worry of slippage.


On the other hand, traditional dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth. Dentures can be either full, where they replace an entire arch of teeth, or partial, where they replace only a few missing teeth. They are the more affordable option upfront, but they come with challenges. Removable dentures may cause discomfort. They may rub against the gums, and require adjustments. In addition, the jawbone can deteriorate over time without the stimulation of tooth roots or implants. This leads to changes in facial structure. In addition, dentures attach with adhesives and suction. Slippage during eating and speaking is common.

All-On-4 vs Dentures

All-On-4 implants are fixed into place. This eliminates the inconveniences of traditional dentures. The stability provided by the implants means patients can speak and eat with confidence. This is a significant factor for patients looking for a long term and low maintenance solution for full arch tooth replacement.

Another consideration is maintenance. Dentures require regular removal for cleaning and soaking. All-On-4 implants are easier to maintain. Routine oral hygiene practices, brushing and flossing, are essential, but there is no need for removal or special cleaning tasks.

Cost is usually the deciding factor between All-On-4 implants and dentures. While All-On-4 may have a higher initial cost, many individuals see it as a worthwhile investment due to the long term benefits. They come with better function, better form, and better comfort. Dentures, with their lower upfront cost, are more accessible, but their ongoing maintenance, and need for replacement adds up over time.

The choice between All-On-4 dental implants and dentures depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and budget. All-On-4 implants offer a modern, more permanent solution. They provide stability, function, and great cosmetics that resemble natural teeth. Traditional dentures are more budget friendly. But they come with challenges such as discomfort, maintenance, and the potential for bone loss in the jaw.

Which One is Right for You?

We are happy to help our patients decide which solution is best for them. Please call The Implant Center at Comprehensive Dental team at (973) 578-6377 and we will help you find the best solution for your individual needs.
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All on 4 vs Dentures Lincoln Park NJ
Understanding the key differences between implants vs dentures is crucial to make an informed decision about which solution aligns with you! Call now!
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