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Hear directly from some of the happy, satisfied patients of Comprehensive Dental

Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"I've been coming to Dr. Rana for over 10 years. Invisalign with Dr. Rana was a great investment and one of the best investments I've ever made in my life. It came out perfectly the way I wanted it. I find myself smiling more overall so it's been a phenomenal experience. It exceeded my expectations in terms of what I was expecting."

Patient A.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"No more duck faces or smirks. No more making sure I cover my face when I laugh. No more saying 'I hate my smile' or crying from not being able to stand how I look. I cannot be happier how they came out!!! Thank you so much to Dr. Rana & Gabby, who I feel like was my own personal hype woman every time I walked in, and the rest of the staff!"

Patient B.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"This office is great and we've never had a complaint. They're great with the kids. I've had bad experiences with dentists prior so I'm very happy with how honest Dr. Rana and his staff are. Gina found out the best option for us financially where we could put some money down, and they got us on a reasonable financing plan."

Patient C.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"The office is a wonderful place to come to. I love it here. I consider him a one-stop shop. I don't have to go to a specialist if there's anything more invasive that needs to be done because I know that he can handle it. He's dont all sorts of work from periodontal all the way down to general dentistry for me, so I think his level of expertise is bar none."

Patient D.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"Very friendly staff, promp, professional, above all Dr. Samir Rana explained to me and took his time. It's a first time in a long time that I experienced such exceptional service. I recommend him for anybody with implant issues. He's an expert and I had done implants by dentist which I wasn't happy with their performance. Thank you so much."

Patient E.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"Excellent dentist everyone in office is very friendly and welcoming. Best dentist I've been to. Does great work. Thanks Comprehensive Dental."

Patient F.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"I just refuse to go anywhere else. He's very gentle and he listens to you. After he works on you there's not any type of discomfort. As he's doing the procedure he actually tells you exactly what's going into your mouth, what tools he's using, and he explains them so you're not confused or worried. I actually want to come back; hence why I flew all the way back from Texas for my appointment here."

Patient G.

Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"I mean honestly it's been amazing. I have always been nervous to go to the dentist, which is where the majority of my problem stems from with my need for extensive dental work. Dr. Rana was very thorough and honest with what had to be done. He really made a stressful experience so much better for me and made my goals attainable."


Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

"I needed major dental work done, and was struggling with the fact that I may lose my teeth. I got quotes from lots of dentists, but I went with Dr. Rana because I trust him the most. He showed us all the options and made reasonable payment plans available to me, and it's been great."


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